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His tremendous baritone roams a wide emotional frontier, from tenderness to ferocity with equal ease. Reaching down to a velvety, growling bass, he was capable of floating the long vowels at the top of his range before biting off the final consonants. Devouring the role, Konieczny is everything opera should be, certainly Wagner’s operatic vision of the Gesamptkunstwerk. On a stageful of dazzling singers, he is also—and perhaps foremost—an actor. Konieczny’s super power is his ability to inhabit and reveal his character from the inside out. Christina Waters/  OPERAWIRE

„The standout member of the cast was Tomasz Konieczny, a powerhouse bass, in a breakthrough Met debut as Alberich. I tend to prefer portrayals that bring out Alberich’s suffering and bitterness; with a big, penetrating voice that can slice through the orchestra, Mr. Konieczny made Alberich sneering and dangerous.” The New York Times, by Anthony TommasiniMarch 10, 2019

„Tomasz Konieczny’s sensational Alberich is gorgeously sung yet full of menace.” Financial Times, George Loomis,  

“Tomasz Konieczny was excellent, bringing stentorian power and unusual dignity to this prophet, who pays with his life for resisting Salome’s twisted sexual needs and usually comes off as a pompous fanatic…” THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 2, 2014

“In a powerful portrayal, Tomasz Konieczny deploys his rich and expressive baritone to suggest not just Wozzeck’s misery but also his unrealised potential.” FINANCIAL TIMES, Nov. 3. 2015

“Bass-baritone Tomasz Konieczny is so vocally majestic as Jupiter that Danae’s choice of Midas (tenor Gerhard Siegel) seems implausible.” FINANCIAL TIMES, August 8. 2016

Embracable You by G. Gershwin. Tomasz Konieczny – bas, Michał Klauza – Conductor, Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra Warsaw, 05.01.2020, Arrangement Rafał Kłoczko

Nr. 5 Der Lindenbaum from Winterreise by Fr. Schubert, new poetry in Polish by Stanisław Barańczak. Tomasz Konieczny – bas, Lech Napierała – piano, 2017

The last scene from “Die Liebe der Danae” of R. Strauss, Salzburger Festspiele 2016, broadcasted by ORF. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Danae – Krassimira Stoyanova, Jupiter – Tomasz Konieczny, conductor – Franz Welser-Möst (MP3 – 27MB)

Wotansabschied from “Die Walküre”, recorded at the Philharmonie Berlin with Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Wotan – T.Konieczny, conductor – Marek Janowski (MP3 – 4 MB)

Alberichs Fluch from “Das Rheingold” recorded in Munich with Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, March 2015, Alberich – Tomasz Konieczny, conductor – Sir Simon Rattle  (MP3 – 5MB)

Die Frist ist um … Monolog of Holländer from “Der Fliegenge Holländer”, recorded by open air concert at Losheim am See, Holländer – Tomasz Konieczny,  16.07.2006, conductor – T. Kamioka (MP3 – 17,5 MB)

O, Freunde!… from “An die Freude” of Beethoven, recorded at 30.12.2008 with Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, conductor –  Marek Janowski  (MP3 – 3,2 MB)

“Alberichs Fluch”… from “Das Rheingold” of Wagner, Vienna State Opera 2011 – live recording, Alberich – Tomasz Konieczny, conductor – Christian Thielemann (MP3 – 3,5 MB)

Mein Herr und Gott…, from “Lohengrin” of Wagner, with New Japan Philharmonic at the Triphony Hall Tokyo, King Heinrich – Tomasz Konieczny,  conductor – Ch. Arming (MP3 – 3,2 MB)

Mein Vater… from “Parsifal” of Wagner, Wagner Days Budapest,  Jun, 2006, Amfortas – Tomasz Konieczny, conductor – Adam Fischer (MP3 – 5,8 MB)